1. floweries:

    bad girlz do it well vol. i (a floweries playlist) // catchy songs from women that you either really, really adore or you absolutely hate

    + listen, + download

    O.m.g i love every single song


  2. naw-mane:

    Summer of 09’ consisted of this song along with shrooms

  3. imhollyhood:

    Santigold | Spin Magazine [May/June 2012]

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  5. facephase:


    Jodie jodie jodie, you are amazing. This was amazing.

    Kudos to Jodes. Girl is beyond brill.

    I want season 3. And yes this show is so good.

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  9. Damn this is so hard to do!!

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  10. neptunain:

    i love losing followers. go you weaklings. you will never survive the winter

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  14. "'Cause all of the stars
    Are fading away
    Just try not to worry
    You’ll see them some day
    Take what you need
    And be on your way
    And stop crying your heart out"
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